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Open Source Recruitment and Applicant Tracking system (ATS) – WinRecruit


Winrecruit Free Edition is a web-based recruitment management system designed to the meet the basic hiring needs of recruitment consultancies, corporate, small and medium enterprises. Qukind Technology plan to introduce a complete free edition of Winrecruit to help SME’s adopting their own job board help them to organize their recruitment process by free of cost. Once they start growing and their requirement will be needed more Advanced features such us job board integrated with social networking, manage their Recruitment team, clients, resume pursing, job board integrated with other job search engines, manage interview process and share candidate applications with your team, upload resumes, and detailed advanced resume, more interactive business intelligence reports are available in Winrecruit paid edition makes the recruitment process methodical and process oriented for the recruitment team thereby increasing the recruiter efficiency. Winrecruit is highly customizable which offers greater flexibility and enhanced visibility for hassle-free recruiting. Winrecruit helps to build your Company recruiting/careers page similar to the company’s website and can be customized according to your needs which helps you gain additional momentum. If you are interested to know more about advance edition. Please reach us www.winrecruit.com  | www.qukind.com 

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